How to Get a CNA Certificate?

Certified Nursing Assistant training courses are considered to be the pathways that take you into the field of medicine within a few months time frame. Whatsoever, in order to work as a certified nurse assistant, it is mandatory to get a certification in this regard. But, ‘How to Get a CNA Certificate?’. Read ahead and get to know on ‘How to Get a CNA Certificate?’

CNA is a person who plays an important role in the life of chronically ill. Even the elderly patients nowadays are in need of CNAs to help them with their basic tasks at health care facilities. And before a nurse aide adds the title ‘certified’, ‘state approved’, ‘registered’ or ‘licensed’, she might have to pass certification and adhere to strict rules and regulations posed by that particular state. fake mc

Nurse aides cannot work as CNAs without a certification. To get certified, it is important to through training and then an examination conducted by the state board of nursing. This examination is called the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program). The training constitutes of 2 parts. The first part is the classroom lecture, wherein, the examinee is taught about the basics of patient care. This would include first aid, medical fundamentals, nursing principles, adherence to patient security and the like. The second part contains the practical skills, where in, the examinee would be taught to handle patients practically in health care facilities or other similar medical settings

Once you complete the training, you might have to take up the certification. NNAAP is the exam that you should take up and this again constitutes 2 sections, Theory and Skills test. The theoretical knowledge that you acquired during the training and the lab sessions that you been attending as a part of the training should be able to help you get through the exam. Additionally, taking up practice exams online is yet another great way of preparing for the certification. On passing both, you might have to contact the nurse aide registry of your state to get your certificate.

You would be required to submit multiple forms along with your medical certificates. This might also involve national and state criminal back ground check. Further you might also have to submit the fingerprint card at the public safety department of your state.

On completion of all the formalities, you might be able to get your certificate that entitles to work as a CNA in the succeeding 8 weeks time.


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